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Praise Report(s)From - Brother Ruben
Ohh! There are so many: Last week, I was told by my landlord that the home I rented from him was going to be put up for auction. I lifted my prayer request to the saints on the prayline and I was contacted by my landlord yesterday that he just received a trial modification for the home which stopped the auction process. The Lord is good!!!
The Lord helped me not to experience any pain after having dental surgery.
Thank you Lord.
Praise Report(s)From - Van
The Lord healed my son of a dangerously low platlette count. He collasped last week and was hospitalized. I joined in on the Thursday night prayer and requested prayer for my son. Over the next two days, my son's platlette count rose drastically. He came home from the hospital on 08/28/2010. Hallelujah!
Praise Report(s)From - Debra
I left the work force so I could raise my children. Now I am ready to get back into the work force. I asked the Lord to provide me with a job in which I could be close to home and to be home when my children come home from school. The Lord did just that. Thank You Lord!
Praise Report(s)From - Stephanie
The Lord has blessed me to visit those in convalescent homes. I noticed that there were not just the elderly there, but much younger individuals who were suffering with various elements. It thrills my soul to be able to go and fellowship with them. My prayers go up for them all.
Praise Report(s)From - Phil
My adult son had a physical ailment which had caused him some concern for a while. He recently decided to share this information with me. When I heard what was going on, it concerned me greatly also. So I brought this to the prayerline as a prayer request and we all prayed. Approximately a week later, my son gave me the wonderful news that the aillment in his body had ceased. THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL OF YOUR MIGHTY WORKS.
Praise Report(s)From - Vaneesa
For the last month, I have attended the Prayerline Bible Study. The lessons were about "agape love" and "anger". I had a situation this week to put what I had learned from these two bible studies in action. When I applied agape love instead of anger, the Lord turned the entire situation around in my favor. If we hold our peace and let the Lord fight our battles, victory shall be ours. Praise God!!
I work for my brother. I was in need for an increase in pay and medical/dental benefits. I complained to the Lord what I was in need of. The Lord then asked me, "did you ask me for these things?" I had to admit to the Lord, that I had not. So, I did.

A months later, I was approaced by my brother that I would be getting medical benefits. He told me yesterday, that I would be getting a substantial pay raise. To the penny of what I had always wanted to make.

James 4:2
Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.
Praise Report(s)From - Heather
I was scheduled to go into work, but once I got to work, I was told my demo had been cancled (COSTCO). I was disappointed and started to leave, but the Lord quickened my heart told me to ask if there was something I could do since I was already there. I was told yes and I started to work. While I was there, I met a pastor from Alabama. We started talking about the Lord and I told him about the prayerline and about how the Lord was answering prayer. We started to have church at COSTCO. This was his last day to display his wares at COSTCO. My mother contacted his wife in Alabama and had a wonderful time in the Lord over the phone. The Lord took a lemon and made lemonade. Thank you Lord.
Praise Report(s)From - Dylan
I was looking for employment and the Lord has blessed me with a job, doing something I have experience with and can excel. I am excited to see where the Lord will take me with this job.
Praise Report(s)From - Jordin
(1) The Lord has delivered me from a legal situation which I had been running from for years. The saints on the prayerline prayed asked the Lord to give me a compassionate judge to handle my case and He did. Penalties and possible jail time were reduced to community service. Thank you Lord.
(2) The Lord is restoring my family. My girlfriend and I are having lunch with my mother today. It has been a while since I have spent time with her. I am so thankful the Lord looked past my faults and saw my needs. I appreciate the Agape love He gave me.
Praise Report(s)From - Brian
The Lord has broken a two year estrangement between my daughter and I. I was able to visit with her and my new granddaughter for the first time a week ago. The Lord is also healing the relationship between the entire family. I am so grateful for the prayers of the saints and this prayerline.
Praise Report(s)From - Twanna
(1) I was experiencing a very hostile work enviroment earlier this year. But the Lord has completely turned the situation around and there is now peace and harmony between supervisor and employees. When we decide to "blossom where we are planted", the Lord will work miracles.
(2) For the last year and a half, the Lord has met our needs "one day at a time". Each day, the Lord has provided the "manna" we needed for the day.

Recently my husband and I were scheduled to perform at an event. We knew what we were going to be paid and so assigned those funds. Two weeks before the gig we were told that the persons who hired us decided to hire another band which played a different style of music.

A couple of days after receiving this information, we were contacted by a much larger venue to play and would be getting paid double the amount we were going to be paid from the first gig. The Lord truly know what we have need of before we ask.
Praise Report(s)From - Linda
1) B.C. recovering nicely from her shoulder surgery. She is in good spirits and is actively involved in her recovery process. She is a believer.
2) By son is doing well on his new job. He is gaining confidence operating the stick shift. He acknowledges God and he realizes his need to grow closer to Him.
3) My Goddaughter, J.M. has received the supernatural strength from her Savior to go through this difficult time in her life. Through the prayers - we were able to minister to her on Thursday in a very special way. Her brother was gunned down in an attempted robbery last week while he was making a delivery for his job.
4) Several weeks ago S.C. was in intensive care suffering with severe seizures and undetermined strokes. The doctors were even amazed as she came out of intensive care and off of life support equipment. She is now seen sitting on her porch and even driving herself to her doctors visits. Praise Him.
5) E.N. a five year recovering stroke victim was admitted to the hospital intensive care unit with a mass on his kidney and several other complications. He was miraculously delivered from the hospital and is now at home recovering nicely. The best part of this is that he accepted Christ as his personal savior and is eager to attend church.
6) I personally would like to thank God for the prayerline. It has helped me tremendously to seriously acknowledge God in prayer in everything. Giving thanks to Him who hears and does answer us as we pray according to your will. The Bible Study is anointed as well and is a tremendous spiritual tool, especially in the day and times that we are living in.
Praise Report(s)From - Stacy
I work for a medical facility and knew of a christian woman who lost her young son in Nov 2009. She had a tubiligation, so was incapable of having any other children. She and her husband never charged or challenged the Lord regarding her son's death. They just continued to walk favorably in the Lord.

Approximately two weeks ago, she came back to the medical facility and found out she is now pregnant with twins. In Job 42:10, the Lord restored to Job twice as much as he had before. What a wonderful God we serve!!
Praise Report(s)From - Angela
I received a financial blessing which enabled me to remain in my apartment.